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Our core stack is Meteor, Node.js, GraphQL, Apollo, React, Redux and others









Universe of technologies

JavaScript is the most popular programming language right now. We tried to make our stack based on this language and now we can say that yes, our stack is JS based. So we are using JS on a server and client side, even for building native mobile apps. Every team member has their own specialization but can easily switch to another environment.

Code best practices, future-proof technologies, scalable solutions, perfomance monitoring and continuous integration — everything is covered when you trusted Milk & Cartoons to build your product.

Our Work

Thriving Cities Group

TCG app helps people publish their needs and projects to make cities better. After publishing people can vote and fund projects they like the most.

Weekly Food

Hand-picked recipes by top chiefs published weekly.

Weekly Food


A beta test management platform that simplifies feedback between companies and their customers for new products prior to launch.

Order Processing

A universal multistore warehouse system used for orders shippping. It has GraphQL API that handles a lot of complex data received from third-party providers like stores, equipment APIs and shippping providers.


A web app that helps process multiple versions price lists and create quotes. Repfront uses Algolia search engine to make search operations effective and fast. Quotes might be shared, sended by email or downloaded as an XLSX file.

Clients all around the world

We are open to work on interesting projects around the world. We have experience working with startups, non-profits and education institutions. So there is a great chance that we will find a common language with your team.

Clean code on a client and a server

We write code using the latest JS specifications, such as ES6/ES7 and helpfull tools: Prettier and ESLint. Why is it important? New JS specifications make code less verbose and easily maintainable. As a result we spend less time coding, which alows us to offer best budgets for projects.

// Bad
import React, { Component } from 'react';

class ItemsComponentContainer extends Component {
  render() {

    var list = new Array(15);
     list = [{name: "Element1"},{name:"Element2"}];

    return (
{(function(){ var elements = []; for(var i=0;i<2;i++){ elements.unshift(
) };return elements;}())}
); } } export default ItemsComponentContainer;
// Good
import React from 'react';
import { render } from 'react-dom';

import moment from 'moment';

class NewComponent extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.handleClick = this.handleClick.bind(this);
  static state = {
    clicked: 0

  handleClick() {
    const date = moment().format('DD.MM.YYYY'); 
    this.setState(prevState => ({ clicked: prevState.clicked + 1 })); 
    alert(`Today is ${date}`);

  render() {

Why Meteor?

  • Game-changing framework
  • Allows to build modern apps faster
  • Works great with React
  • On top of JavaScript
  • Cross platform flexibility
  • Read more on meteor.com


GraphQL solves REST and data transfer problems

It is a clean layer of abstraction between servers and clients that an ad-hoc REST approach will never be able to provide.

  • Clean API between backends and frontends
  • Less communication overhead and fewer meetings
  • No more time spent writing API documentation
  • No more time spent trying to figure out an API
  • Great tooling for your API
  • Decouple frontends and backends to speed up development
  • Read more on graphql.com

Ready to scale

Out of the box

At Milk & Cartoons we are developing apps that are ready to scale from the beginning. Tools we are using on a server and a client side are future-proofing and ready to be scaled at any time. Deployment solutions are individual for each project.

We are using perfomace analytics tools to analyze the app and optimize it — both on a client and a server side.