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First steps to upgrade Meteor app to v3.0 ☄️

Published on  Nikolay Aleshkovskiy

Step 1: The Inventory Quest

First things first, grab your magnifying glass and embark on an inventory quest. Identify every package powering your app. Tools likemeteor list and npm ls are your trusty companions in this endeavor. List down these valiant companions, noting their versions and, most importantly, their custodians.

Step 2: The Guardians of Code

Now, comes the crucial sorting ceremony. For each package, ask the vital question: who's guarding its code?

  • Meteor Team Champions: If the package hails from the glorious Meteor Team, chances are, it’s already prepped for 3.0's grand arrival. Rejoice! These updates will likely be seamless.
  • Third-Party Warriors: But for packages maintained by intrepid third-party developers, further investigation is needed.

Step 3: Navigating the Unknown

For these third-party packages, two paths diverge:

Path 1: Embrace the Upgrade:

  • Compatibility Check: Head over to the package’s documentation or repository. Has it been updated for 3.0? If so, forge ahead! Upgrade with confidence and see if your app sails smoothly.
  • Community Buoyancy: If no official 3.0 update exists, don’t despair. Check the community forums and discussions. Has anyone successfully tackled this upgrade challenge? Their insights and solutions might be your life raft.

Path 2: The Code Forge Awaits:

If all else fails, it’s time to don your blacksmith’s apron and become a coding hero. Consider these options:

  • Fork and Upgrade: Fork the package repository and tackle the 3.0 compatibility yourself. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility (and potential bug-squashing)!
  • Pull Request Champion: Contribute a pull request to the original package, adding 3.0 support for the betterment of everyone. Remember, collaboration is a virtue!

Remember: Upgrading packages can be a bumpy ride, so buckle up, approach each one strategically, and don’t hesitate to seek support from the Meteor community. With careful planning and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll conquer this first step and set sail for the sparkling horizons of Meteor 3.0!

Bonus Tip: Before embarking on your upgrade voyage, create a backup of your app. It’s the safety net that lets you weather any unexpected storms!

Good luck, fellow Meteor adventurer! May your packages update smoothly and your app navigate the 3.0 seas with aplomb!

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