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Meteor roadmap for 2024 ☄️

Published on Nikolay Aleshkovskiy

⚠️ This is not an offical Meteor Team roadmap. For the most recent updates check their blog.

Meteor state during 2023

As of 2023, the Meteor framework is still actively maintained. The core team and the community continue to release updates, improvements, and bug fixes to ensure the framework remains stable, secure, and up to date. This ongoing maintenance ensures that developers can rely on Meteor for their application development needs.

In April Meteor team anounced Extended Support Maintenance for Node.js 14 which is important to make Meteor 3.0 migration process seamless

Meteor challenges in 2024

The most challenging aspect for Meteor right now is indeed the ongoing transition from Fibers to a fully asynchronous architecture

Meteor heavily relied on Fibers for its synchronous-like coding style and features like latency compensation and automatic database updates. Removing Fibers necessitates a fundamental rewrite of these core functionalities using modern asynchronous patterns (promises, async/await).

This involves significant code changes and potential performance optimizations to maintain the same level of reactivity and user experience.

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