AI OCR Document Extraction and Processing

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⚠️ The project is being developed under NDA with the client. By agreement and for security reasons we can’t reveal its name and owner. To present the product, all logos, labels, names and contents have been replaced with dummy data.

According to its purpose, we’ll call the project AAODP (Automated AI OCR document processing)

Project Brief

The main goal of the product is to drastically increase the speed and quality of a company’s processing of incoming documents (mainly financial invoices) in a variety of formats: PDF, PNG, Email (TXT).

Automated AI OCR document processing app screenshot

The current state of the application relies on human to proof automation results with a plan to move to fully automated mode in the next few years.

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To keep things organized, the article is divided into main sections:

  1. Project structure
Articles in progress
  1. Documents library
  2. Classification UI
  3. Proof UI
  4. Extraction UI

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